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    zt knives "experience it" /
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    KAI USA ZT Knives
    ZT Brand Anthem Video
    storyboarding, animation, 3d animation, action sport, copywriting, video production and music score
    Used on IG social platform with over 10k views and leveraged across all vendors displays
    As Zero Tolerance Knives continues to expand their product line beyond tactical knives to a more diversified and unique offering, their desire to expand their brand appeal to a broader audience has also grown. To reach these audiences, ZT Knives partnered with us to introduce their new “experience it” brand evolution through a hard-hitting animation video.
    Using a combination of visual storytelling and voiceover, we worked to emphasize the depth of care that’s crafted into each ZT knife. As we edited the story it became evident that 3d renderings of the knives could offer an even more impactful addition to the story and product line. Throughout the video, we aligned the specific product genres with prime examples to define the moments and hero the 3d renderings to further define the ZT culture.
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