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Tech Launch 2020
Tech Launch 2020
Script adaptation, story boards, live action, re-touching, animation, photography, video production and music score
We were asked to build a supportive narrative around a new 2020 tech list while still keeping interest in the tech itself. We chose to use applicable life moments to draw parallels in how the tech could be used. The ideas had to be direct relationships to use cases as well as inform the viewer of its descriptive features.
After several creative ideation sessions, we decided that “humanizing” the technology would carry the messaging more powerfully. We wrote a script with a live action narrative where technology actually comes into play while uplifting and supporting the human experience. To emphasize messaging we animated all the technology call outs over the individual experiences of the story. We used a piano melody track to help narrate and support the story. In the end we wanted a passionate story we could all relate to.
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