Reaching for the stars is fine, but why stop there? We set our sights on Mars when we developed a totally original training experience designed to educate an audience about modern server technology. In support of a major product release for a new processor family, we launched this interactive experience that took our audience on a journey all the way to the fourth rock from the Sun, providing valuable information along the way.

Our goal was to drive demand for the products through awareness, trainings, and content consumption—and to have fun doing it. So, we crafted a story that was anything but dull. In a cadenced release, we unveiled seven exciting chapters, each with eight action-packed scenes to engage our audience and eight proof points to train them on the new product. Set in the year 2029, our story followed two brave astronauts and their robot companion who were tasked with the mission to build a data center on Mars. Featuring truly out-of-this-world isometric animation, this engaging narrative served both to entertain and to educate.

We drew parallels between processor technology and space technology to tell the story of mankind’s venture to the Red Planet.

Continuing the Martian adventure, our team designed and developed an original video game from the ground up, complete with valuable information and asteroid-blasting, boss-battling excitement.

Building on the story established in the previous experience, we created a retro-inspired game to train reps on another processor launch.

Together, the story and game worked to inspire the reseller audience, offering a message that spoke to cooperation, ambition, and technology. This campaign is all the proof you need that learning can be fun. And as a tool to drive awareness, it was both memorable and effective.

Used in conjunction with prize incentives and a high volume of content and communications, this modular structure was exactly what we needed to get the message out and drive sales for our client.

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