These days, rolling out a marketing campaign isn’t as simple as it might appear. Gone are the days when you could place an asset into market and expect it to drive awareness. Now, companies need to allocate their budgets much more thoughtfully. They need to make a strong business case for their objectives, goals, and return any time they invest in advertising a product or service. In the end, they need a comprehensive understanding of who engaged with the asset and when, how, and in what context—all to fuel a cycle in which learnings inform better marketing decisions.

LiveRamp can help companies get this full picture, but—like so many other SaaS companies—they found that communicating their product was a challenge. And that’s where Quango came in.

Quango developed two explainer animations to communicate LiveRamp’s value to their customers. The first animation took a storytelling perspective, applying LiveRamp’s solution to the most prevalent use case: attributing offline sales to online marketing. The goal here was to boil down complex processes like data onboarding into something relatable to all LiveRamp audiences.

Targeting a more technical audience, the second animation aimed to explain how identity resolution works to connect data inputs across all marketing channels so that companies can gauge success against touchpoints throughout the user journey.

For both animations, we worked very closely with LiveRamp’s executive team to help hone the message and ensure clarity.

Now one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation, LiveRamp has experienced incredible success in recent years as more and more companies turn to them for their identity resolution service. It’s proving critical not only in gaining a holistic understanding of marketing efforts, but to ensuring an efficient and successful budget allocation overall.

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