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Bringing the iconic, innovative design of the Alienware Area-51 to life in Oregon’s high desert.

The Alienware brand carries some serious weight among elite PC gamers. When they unveiled the newest model of their flagship product, the Area-51, the challenge was to create an alluring video spot that would speak to an audience with very high standards for its hardware.

For Quango’s creative team, it was a match made in heaven. With many of us identifying as gamers and sci-fi aficionados, it was more than a typical project—it was an opportunity to pay homage to the favored titles that have inspired us over the years, from Halo and Destiny to Star Wars and Oblivion. Video games are a unique form of entertainment, combining interactivity with amazing design work and captivating stories that keep audiences coming back for more.

We wanted to elicit the same feelings with our spot by working thematically with many of the things that struck a chord with us. Extraterrestrial worlds. A seasoned explorer decked out in futuristic space armor. Elaborate alien ruins begging to be discovered. It was a story that needed to be told in a scant thirty seconds, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats without distracting from the primary product focus: the Area-51.

Costumes and props were conceived and designed in-house and then sent to local partners for production.

Watch the video, and you’ll see elements from the Area-51’s unique triad chassis design woven in organically, from the hero’s armor to the alien ruins themselves. It’s subtle and unobtrusive product integration, which we specifically designed to get the message across without breaking the viewer’s immersion. Nothing stops you from feeling like part of the action.

Bringing such a grand vision to fruition took some careful orchestration. We teamed up with local film-production agency Lyon Films, a Quango partner for several years running. An extensive location-scouting effort eventually brought us to the Alvord Desert in southeastern Oregon.

The desert’s jagged terrain gave off the perfect vibe for an extraterrestrial setting. The location, exceptional prop work, a high-quality costume of space armor, and some deft post-production all culminated in the cinematic-quality spot that the audience was craving.

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