With this co-branded piece for Alienware and Intel, our goals were to generate awareness for a product and create an affinity for the Alienware brand. We developed an asset like nothing the client had ever done before—and it paid off. By breaking free from the technical mold they were accustomed to, we demonstrated the incalculable value of a strong emotional hook.

When you see only a finished product, it can be easy to overlook the importance of the concept—the inception of an idea. But developing a compelling campaign requires starting from the beginning, with a strong understanding of the audience. That’s why, in concepting for this video, we drew from a deep well of personal understanding and passion for gaming. After all, it takes a gamer to know a gamer.

In the end, this micro-campaign proved to be the client’s best-performing video. Ever. The immediately positive reception from gamers led to enthusiastic word of mouth, which, in turn, generated high-quality organic traffic for a hugely successful video. We went into the project targeting the hardcore multiplayer gamer demographic. The result? Nearly 4 million views on YouTube and over 10 million paid media views. We think it’s safe to say we hit our mark.

With nearly 4 million views on YouTube and over 10 million paid media views, this video has proven to be our client’s best-performing video to date.

This was an eye-catching, attention-getting spot no matter how you slice it—an impressive 80% video completion rate means something in this industry. But we can certainly attribute some success within the gaming audience to the subtler layers. By incorporating insider allusions to games that our audience knows and loves, we were able to speak to experienced gamers on a whole new level.

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