Presenting complex ideas is never easy, especially when there's a lot riding on making the pitch. So when Adobe came to us looking to create a communication platform for Adobe Primetime, we jumped at the chance to help. Working closely with their internal agency, Quango developed a broad palette of over 150 icons—tools the Primetime team could use to visualize the complexity of their software and the solutions it created.

We took these icons and developed vibrant explainer videos, eye-catching workflows, and visually appealing infographics that built excitement among both internal and external audiences. These assets were used to explain the Primetime products and concepts in meetings, in presentations, and at events.

By equipping Adobe with the visual language to effectively communicate Primetime, we enabled them to make strong, effective pitches. Now armed with an extensive library of icons and a brief explainer video, the Adobe Primetime sales team is cornering the market, bringing live, linear, and video-on-demand programming everywhere.

Do you need some compelling assets that fit in with your organization’s look? We'd love to help.