Published December 2016

You already know that Quango is an award-winning creative agency. But did you know that we find creative energy in making short videos about our own business trips and nacho lunches?

The Quango video project began with a simple sandwich. Quango’s art director is known for his creative brain, but for lunch, he relies on the same trusty ham sandwich every day of the week. Inspired by this paradox, our creative director decided to pay homage to the Sad Sandwich with a short video.

The setup for “9 Slices of Ham” was loose and unscripted. But the experiment was a success, and the one-minute video spurred on other projects. Soon, Quango was producing short videos on technology, life in Portland, business trips, and—of course—food. Creative Director Tobias Sugar recently discussed the motivation behind the video project.

We know a ham sandwich is behind the video project origin story. Since the making of 9 Slices of Ham, what opportunities do you think the project has given us?

It’s given all of us at Quango the chance to make creative work for the sake of being creative. For me personally, the videos are really about exercising my “video-editing muscles.” It’s a lot of experimentation: time lapses, editing scenes together, making the video work with music, and so on.

One of the main goals is making the video all in one week. We don’t spend a ton of time overthinking the production or story. They’re not intended to be high-production-value pieces. It’s a great practice in working with what you have.

And a lot of the people who work here are featured in the videos.

Yes, it gives us an opportunity to showcase Quango culture. You can watch these videos and get a good sense of what it’s like to work here. Especially the cheese fountain video. It gives you a snapshot of the office on a particular week.

Do you have a favorite video?

I have two favorites. Tilt-Shift SF, just because the music worked out so well, and the Santa Cruz video, because that one told a story. Sometimes when capturing footage, you’re just kind of shooting everything. Other times, a bit of a narrative takes shape early and the pieces seem to fall into place. There’s definitely some magic involved in sniffing a story out of nowhere. And in large part, that’s what makes these interesting.

From ham sandwiches to tech reviews, storytelling is something we pride ourselves on, both in our work and in videos like these. You can find a variety of Quango videos on our YouTube channel.

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